A Computer Repair Technician Career Has Bright Prospects

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There are two main factors that make a computer repair technician career a desirable one. Firstly is the fact that with the increasing application of computers system in new areas, the demand for people to maintain and repair them will continue to grow. Secondly, even in time of recession, when other jobs may be on the line, the computer repair technician will always be in demand because with no money to buy new systems, the older systems will continue to be used and will need even more care and repair. Even today many employers complain about the difficulty in finding qualified computer repair technicians.

At the start a person has to decide if their computer repair technician career is going to be specialized to hardware, in which case he or she becomes a computer hardware repair technician, or software. Either way deciding on a computer repair technician career is a good choice.

What You Need To Qualify For A Computer Repair Technician Career

The first essential to a computer repair technician career is the willingness to work hands on with the computer that is giving problems, and if it is a hardware problem, being willing to get your hands dirty going inside the machine. You cannot be in computer repair and sit at your desk without moving.

The tough part of a computer repair technician career is always being on call. If you work for a company that functions 24/7, you could be called upon at any time of the day or night to fix a problem. You must be prepared for this as well as for travelling frequently, if your employer has computers at different locations across the country.

If you take up a computer repair technician career, committing yourself to long term social plans is difficult. Even with the best of care and maintenance, no one knows when a computer will break down and when the technician’s services will be needed.

If all this sounds negative, the plus points of a computer repair technician career more than make up for it.

Long Term Prospects In A Computer Repair Technician Career

When you join a company, the employer will provide you with training on the computer system you will be maintaining and repairing. You may even be sponsored for external training programs. In the beginning of a computer repair technician’s career he or she will probably work of simple PCs or peripherals and as the experience and expertise grows, progression to more advanced computer systems will occur.

With the constant application of new technologies and the development of new software and applications, the computer repair technician career is one of continual learning. This will involve attending external training workshops and refresher programs. This up to date knowledge will ensure that the technician’s services are always in demand.

A computer repair technician’s career need not be limited to computer repair. Because of their knowledge of the systems and the hands on experience they acquire, many technicians move over to sales and marketing positions, either at the supervisory level or even as managers. And many choose to use their experience to become self employed. Many set up their own businesses or become consultants.