Have You Considered Opening A Computer Repair Shop

By September 11, 2014 Computer Repairs No Comments

If you are in the IT industry but are considering a change, whether you are fed up of working for someone else for very little reward, fancy being your own boss or just want a slower pace of life, then why not consider opening a computer repair shop.

In this day and age opening a computer repair shop can be very profitable as more and more people are coming to rely on their laptops and PC’s as an everyday part of life tool and cannot be without them when they break down or get problems.

Where To Start.

Before you opening a computer repair shop you need to make sure that you are confident in both computer hardware and computer software, as you really need to be able to offer both services. That’s not to say that you have to have knowledge of every single type of software out there, but be confident with adding, removing and repairing software.

If you don’t think you have the skills in both areas why not consider opening a computer repair shop with a friend or colleague who has these skills, as you will definitely need to be able to deal with hardware, such as laptops and desktop type computers, but it really wont be as profitable if you are not able to offer something in the form of software support and advice, as many problems will be caused by software.

Opening a computer repair shop will present you with several new challenges, not least of which is how to attract customers to the shop. Word of mouth is always good, so why not start by telling friends and family ‘Hey I have opened a computer repair shop’, the other thing to do is make sure that you have competitive computer repair shop prices.

It is best to consider charging ahead of actually opening a computer repair shop, as this needs to be weighed up against the costs involved in running a shop, you will have to pay for heating, lighting, rates, water and should you choose to have any staff, you will need to pay wages.

One way to lessen some of these costs is to consider opening a computer repair shop in your own home, especially if you have a garage or workshop. These will mean you need to make sure you have got suitable insurance as you will have lots of computer equipment belonging to other people in your home, and should it get stolen or damaged you will obviously be responsible.