Computer Repair Shop Prices –Explaining Them To Customers

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Computer Repair Shop Prices –Explaining Them To Customers

One of the most important factors in determining the success of a computer repair business is the computer repair shop price – what the customer will have to pay. While every shop owner, in any kind of business, wants to maximize his profits, the way a computer repair shop prices itself requires some special consideration. Keep in mind that computer repair shop prices are for a mixture of goods and services. This is why it is unlike a music store for example. In a music store the customer sees what he likes, buys the CD or DVD if the price is acceptable, and that is it. In the case of a computer repair shop price, the customer is paying for something he cannot see – the service, and parts he probably does not know about. That is why the most critical part of computer repair shop pricing is being able to explain everything to the customer. A customer who feels that a computer repair shop price is not justified is a dissatisfied customer and one who is unlikely to return. Being able to explain the elements of your pricing, if asked, can go a long way in keeping customers happy.

Explaining Your Computer Repair Shop Price To A Customer

A common statement from customers is that another repair shop charges less. Explain that a computer repair shop price is location dependant and that a shop in the city will need to charge more than one in the suburbs simply because the overheads in a city are higher.

Some of your prices may be on a job rate and some by the hour and the job rates may seem high in comparison. Explain that while the hourly rate seems cheaper, in case unforeseen complications are found once the job has begun, extending the completion time, the set rate may be cheaper for the customer.

If you offer onsite service, these charges will be substantially higher than your carry in computer repair shop price. If asked about this, explain that is not just fuel cost of going to the site that adds to the price but also the time taken in travelling that has to be compensated.

Even for small jobs where you may not be asked for an estimate, tell the customer that the final cost may be higher than anticipated – you cannot guarantee the actual computer repair shop price until you are sure that the small problem has not been caused by a major part failure or something similar which could increase the cost of repair dramatically, as will the need to use expensive and specialized computer repair shop tools.

Be ready to explain that your computer repair shop prices are determined also by the type of service required. For example, networking is a very specialized area, so your rates for network service may be higher than for a standard service call.

What is important in keeping your customers happy is not so much how high or low your computer repair shop price is, but how well you can explain and justify it to the customer’s satisfaction.