Computer Repair Shop Tools Are Of Two Types

The layman will normally have a completely misinformed idea of what computer repair shop tools are required to run a successful computer repair business. People usually picture their defective PC going into a workshop full of banks of computers, flashing lights and esoteric equipment. Or they may conceive of it as being like an antiseptic spotless medical laboratory. The truth is far from these extremes.

Computer problems are divided into two categories – hardware and software and the computer repair shop tools needed to fix these problems are also of two types.

The Two Types Of Computer Repair Shop Tools

When most people talk of tools, they are thinking of hammers, saws, wrenches and so on. You will need some of these but computer repair shop tools of this type are surprisingly few in number ad quite simple in type. You need no expensive torque wrenches or powered screwdrivers or drills. In fact you need no costly power tools at all. The hardware tools are surprisingly simple and few in number – you need a few screwdrivers of different types, a few pliers of various sizes, some compressed air cans and a few other basic hand tools you find in any home handyman’s tool box. In a physical sense computers are quite simple – there is little to be fixed. The computer repair shop tools of this type are really needed for removing defective parts and replacing them. The amount of actual repairing to be done is very limited.

The other type of computer repair shop tool is more complex and more expensive. These are the software computer repair shop tools that are needed to diagnose and repair software problems. These will consist of anti virus, adware and malware utilities. These will have to be the best available – everyone has some basic anti virus installed and if you try to fix a virus problem with middle of the road software of the type that users have, you will never succeed. You will also need hardware diagnostics software, disc formatting software and a range of these software computer repair shop tools to deal with software problems which are usually more complex that the hardware ones.

If you decide to specialize in a limited area, you may need variations on the computer repair shop tools noted above. This does not mean you need to spend more – but you may have to replace some general tools with a few specialized ones. For example, look at notebook repair or network service. While the same general tools will suffice, you will need a few extra ones to cope with the very small parts size you will be dealing with in laptops or tools to detect wiring faults in networks. You will also need special network software.

You can set up the best computer repair shop without spending a fortune on computer repair shop tools. Since a novice should not go into business for himself, let your experience by your guide and remember it is better to start with just the basic computer repair shop tools and keep adding to the as you need them. That will prevent you from filling your workshop with tools that you never use.