What Does A Computer Repair Technician Do?

By April 26, 2012 Computer Repairs No Comments

In very general terms, a computer repair technician is the man or woman who maintains computer systems and associated equipment to maximize their reliability and, when a problem occurs, the computer repair technician is the one who fixes it. But a computer repair technician is much more than a simple mechanic. He is a qualified specialist in his field.

What Makes A Computer Repair Technician A Specialist?

To start with a computer repair technician needs a certificate or diploma. This kind of education will provide him with both the theoretical knowledge as well as that of the practical aspects of maintenance and repair. On the job training is never enough. A computer service and repair technician must know not only how to make repairs but also why a fault has happened so that steps can be taken to prevent it from happening again.

Computer repair technicians often work in specialized environments. It could be with a software company, in the IT department of a large or medium sized corporation, in the service center of retail computer outlets and many other such places. Each job will require specialized knowledge that other computer repair technicians from other fields will not possess. Computer repair technicians are also needed for defense applications and in the intelligence services – about as specialized as you can get.

The type of equipment that a computer repair technician deals with is also often very specialized. It could range from PCs to laptops to servers to routers and networks and many other applications. Once again, there are many top secret applications that require that a computer repair technician be available to ensure that critical systems operate to the maximum efficiency.

With more and more business operations and decision making processes being computerized, the computer repair technician plays a vital role in ensuring that a businesses’ computer systems are available, not just to ensure the business runs smoothly, but to assist in making major decisions that can affect the future of the company.

Can You Do Without Formal Education And Training?

Yes you can. But a computer repair technician who has no formal qualifications has only very limited growth prospects. People who learn on the job are usually limited to the actual repair work and that too under the supervision of a qualified technician who will ensure that the root causes of the problem, which his theoretical knowledge allows him to find out, is also eliminated. Supervisory, planning and management roles which qualified computer repair technicians can aspire to are closed to those with no qualifications.

If you are interested in becoming a computer repair technician, it is best to get yourself a diploma. The types of courses vary but the best option is to go in for a short duration general course and then a longer term – perhaps 6 months – specialized course on some advanced aspect of computer repair. The advanced course is often best done after having worked for about a year. If you follow this plan, within 2 years you will have both an advanced diploma as well as work experience behind you and these will be of great value in helping you get your dream job.